The following is a list of sports available at Salem.

• Basketball
• Soccer
• Volleyball
• Track/Cross Country

The following is a list of activities available at Salem.

• Scouts
• Choristers
• Band
• Pom Pons

Please contact the school office (314.741.8220) for more information

Athletic Policy

Salem Lutheran School athletics exists to provide a way for student-athletes to make use of their God-given athletic ability. It is the hope of the athletic department that those who come out for sports are in the competitive spirit. Student/athletes are taught how to win modestly and lose graciously.

There are two levels of play here at Salem. The first level is the fifth and sixth grade teams. Next are the seventh and eighth grade teams.

Goals and Objectives

Proverbs 11:2
When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom.

  1. The Salem Lutheran School Athletic Program will:
    Instill in fans, coaches, and players to experience and exhibit the love of Christ in their attitude toward and in their relationships with fellow fans, coaches, players and officials.
  2. Promote fans, coaches, and players to be modest in victory and gracious in defeat.
  3. Promote personal development in student-athletes by teaching character traits including self control, positive self-esteem, discipline, cooperation, fairness and honesty developing valuable life skills including leadership, communication, teamwork, work ethic and sportsmanship.
  4.  Determine the success its program not by won-lost records, but by the effort, determination, growth in character traits and life skills, and the learning experience provided.
  5. Provide and develop quality instruction through quality coaches to ensure an effective athletic program and a positive learning experience.

Scheduling Sports

In the spring the athletic department will take a count of the number of players interested in playing basketball and volleyball the following school year. All the scheduling for these two sports is done in the spring. Below is a further explanation of playing sports at each level.

Playing Sports at the 5/6th Grade Level

The priority of sports at the 5/6 level is teaching and instruction. Understanding competitive situations is secondary. The policy of the Lutheran Schools Athletic League is that all children must have comparable playing time over the course of the season. This is not on a per game basis. Tournaments or other situations may dictate different circumstances that lead to understanding competition at a greater level. Please understand that the coaches will make every effort to get players as much game time as possible. If you have any concerns, please handle them in the manner spelled out in this handbook.

Each member of the team has a responsibility to help the team whether it is in a game or at practices. Student/athletes are part of the team’s success or failure because it is your duty to help the team prepare for games. During practice and in games, you can contribute by pushing others to work harder and encouraging teammates to strive to do their best. Coaches try to create and teach a sense of team at this level. This will be beneficial to the student/athlete not only in competition but also in the classroom and life.

Playing Sports at the 7/8th Grade Level

7th and 8th graders please read carefully

Each member of the team has a responsibility whether it is in a game or at practice. There are no promises of equal playing time. Coaches will do their best to play each player in every game as appropriate. ALL student/athletes are part of the team’s success or failure because it is your duty to help the team prepare for games. During practice and in games, you can contribute by pushing others to work harder and encouraging teammates to strive to do their best. Also by working hard in practice, a student/athlete may earn more playing time in the games.
At this level, the goals of athletic participation are expanded from the 5/6 level. While we still try to create and teach a sense of team, the student/athlete is also introduced to the concept of earning playing time.

The initial practices of the year will be used as an evaluation period. The coaches will then make decisions on placement based on talent, attitude, and maturity. Grade level and gender are not considered in the process. This should encourage all student/athletes to work their hardest, both in the classroom and on the court.
This concept of earning playing time can be a difficult and frustrating one for both parent and student/athlete. Please consider this when deciding what sports to play.

Miscellaneous Athletic Guidelines

Salem Lutheran School needs to be a safe environment for all students. To that end the following policies will be enforced with regards to home games, tournament games, and other various situations. Athletic directors can make decisions based on the spirit of the guidelines set forth here and throughout this handbook. Please see the section on handling concerns if you have any.

  1. If a student receives a detention, that detention is to be served before a student/athlete may participate in athletics. Practice or game time missed due to detention is a matter to be decided on between the player and his/her coach. No exceptions.
  2. Unless a student goes home and returns to school, dress code is to be worn for all home games immediately after school. No students may bring clothes to change into.
  3. Salem students whose dress is questionable for any home games may be asked to go home and change.
  4. Student/athletes who have late practices or games are to be in ECP at 3:30 or have gone home to return later. If their coach is present and has agreed to and communicated with the athletic director that the team may go to a certain room for a study hall, student/athletes may be excused from ECP.
  5. During all home games, tournament or otherwise, students who are signed out of ECP or simply here as fans are expected to be on their best behavior and in the gym at all times. Any disturbances, misbehavior or any other problems will result in the student being sent home and he/she will automatically lose the privilege to attend home games. No warnings.
  6. During all home games, tournament or otherwise, coaches do have the authority to send students home or refer them to the athletic director and/or principal.
  7. Students must be in school for half of the school day to be eligible for participation in practices or games.

Physical Examination

An annual basic physical examination is required for Salem students who wish to participate in the extramural sports program. This examination is also required of any new students to Salem who wish to participate. This examination must be completed before the student will be allowed to attend practices or participate in games. Forms are available in the school office.

Expectations of Students/Athletes During the Season

  1. Student/athletes should always present a good Christian witness. There are many opportunities to do this. During the school day, athletes are expected to be a good Christian witness. Before, during and after games they are also expected to be on their best Christian behavior; this is especially true when we are guests at another school’s gym. Students are a representative of Salem Lutheran School at all times and need to act accordingly.
  2. Student/athletes are expected to be on time and at every practice and game barring sickness or emergency situation.
  3. Student/athletes are students first. The grades of a student/athlete should not fall during the season. Nor should their attendance at school suffer.
  4. Student/athletes are expected to listen to and respect their coach at all times. If a student/athlete has a concern they should approach their coach first, in a positive Christian manner.
  5. Student/athletes are expected to respect other teams, coaches, fans, and officials. Students who receive more than one technical foul for behavior will be suspended from the team and will not be allowed to return until they have had a conference with their coach, athletic director and parents. Any student receiving 3 technical fouls during one season will be automatically removed from the team and suspended from competition for one year.

Expectations of Parents During the Season

  1. Parents are to be the role models for the student/athletes during any given season. To this end parents should strive to remain positive while watching a game or practice.
  2. Parents should at all times be respectful of other teams, coaches, fans, and officials. Any parent who cannot control themselves at games will be asked to leave and not be allowed back at games until they have had a conference with principal and athletic director.
  3. Parents should at all times support their children during the season.
  4. Parents should at all times support the coach. If a parent has a concern they should follow the procedure spelled out in this handbook.
  5. If their child has a concern during the season parents should encourage their child to go to the coach first and have a conference.
  6. Parents are expected to communicate these expectations to family, friends, and other guests.

Expectations of Coaches During the Season

  1. Coaches will have a meeting and send a letter home early in the season explaining their personal mode of operation as well as a schedule. This will cover such things as late policies, absences, etc. This letter is to be signed and kept on file with the athletic director.
  2. Coaches should at all times remember they are representing Salem and witnessing for Christ through their actions and words. They should at all times be respectful of other teams, coaches, fans, and officials.
  3. Coaches are to be positive in their everyday working with the student/athletes.
  4. Coaches should follow the guidelines and philosophies set forth in this handbook.
  5. Coaches should discuss issues with their player first if they see fit. Coaches can also go directly to the parent or athletic director.
  6. Coaches should respect and talk with parents who have concerns. Be open to meeting with parents at appropriate times to discuss any issues that come up during the season.
  7. Coaches should at all times remember that they are role models for their team and dress and act accordingly.
  8. Coaches should be appropriately early to practices and games. If a schedule change is necessary, notify the parents as soon as possible.
  9. Coaches should be aware of happenings in the gym on game and practice days. Coaches should ask students to leave if they are being disruptive.
  10. Coaches should stay until all players are picked up, or otherwise accounted for.

Resolving Concerns

At the core of any good relationship is trust. It is important to understand there may be times when things do not go the way athletes, parents and coaches wish. There may be times when it is difficult for parents to understand how playing time is allotted, why kids are playing certain positions, strategy, etc. It is imperative that parents and athletes trust that our coaches are trying to do the right thing for the team and all individuals involved. It is important to understand that the coaches are the ones with the team on a daily basis in practice and competition and therefore will make judgment decisions based on what they feel is in the best interest of the team. Playing time, players’ positions, and strategy should be left to the discretion of the coach.
However, if you have a concern with a coach, please observe the following procedures from the parent/student handbook:

Parent/Student Grievances and Concerns

We live in a sinful world. Although we are Christians, there will be times when do not all get along. Matthew 18 states, “If your brother sins against you, go and show him his fault, just between the two of you. If he listens to you, you have won your brother over.” This should provide the basis of how we treat others in these situations.

In day to day situations where a student may have a concern regarding a teacher [coach], the student shall use the following procedure:

  1. The student shall approach the teacher [coach] outside of instructional time and schedule an appointment to discuss the problem.
  2. If the problem cannot be resolved, the student will refer the problem to her/his parent to follow the steps listed below.

If a student and/or parent feel aggrieved on account of any policy of the Board of Christian Education, the administrator, a member of the staff, or a teacher [coach], the parent shall use the following:

  1. If the grievance is with a teacher [coach], the parent shall contact the teacher [coach] immediately and discuss the problem with the teacher [coach]. Only after failure to satisfactorily resolve the issue, proceed to step 2.
  2. For all other grievances including unresolved teacher [coach] grievances – contact the school administrator and set forth in detail, both verbally and in writing, the action or policy that is the basis for the grievance.
  3. If the grievance is not settled after the above steps have been exhausted in a reasonable time, the principal shall contact the Board chair. The Board chair will either refer the matter back to the administrator, or set a meeting with the appropriate parties.
  4. If the matter remains unresolved, the parent may submit a written statement to the Board and request a meeting with the whole Board. At the next regularly scheduled Board meeting – the Board chair may call a special meeting at his/her discretion – the Board will meet with the parent and all appropriate parties in the dispute.
  5. The Board will communicate its decision in writing, together with supporting reasons, to all parties in interest. The Board’s decision is the final step in the procedure.

No one shall appear before the Board without the offending person present. This procedure is the sole and only course available to any aggrieved person. All parties will treat the grievance as confidential information. No party will take any reprisals of any kind against any other participant in the process.