As with any school, the success of programs and activities are due in large part to the involvement of parents. It is with that positive support and involvement of parents that our students benefit. In addition, educational costs are reduced as programs are supported through this involvement. At Salem Lutheran School all parents are expected to participate and assist in programs whenever possible throughout they year.

Salem Lutheran School has instituted a service requirement for the parents/guardians of our school students. This program, referred to as Parents Assisting Lutheran Schools (P.A.L.S.) results in thousands of hours of volunteer service in both the school and church. It benefits the whole parish, as well as our students and staff, in many ways. It also allows for the development of new friendships not only between teacher and parents, but also among parents.

Parents, legal guardians, or grandparents are required to provide 10 adult hours of service to school and/or parish programs. Service opportunities abound through programs associated with our school involving the Parent-Teacher League (PTL), Mothers’ Circle, general day school and classroom programs, as well as special parish events and ministries. Parents are encouraged to seek out opportunities to serve at the start of the school year and begin “clocking” hours as the year continues. Announcements for P.A.L.S. hours/opportunities are included periodically in the weekly Parent Newsletter but it is up to the individual parent to make arrangements to help. Parents who do not complete these minimal 10 hours of participation will be assessed $200.00. A pro-rated assessment is made for families who leave Salem during the school year.