By the end of 7th Grade, a student will:

Spelling/Language Arts

  • Identify and use with accuracy the various forms of punctuation
  • Write simple and complex sentences properly and be able to identify sentence types
  • Review parts of speech and strengthen the proper usage of each
  • Speak before a group clearly and with confidence
  • Understand the various reasons for writing and the proper form to use for each
  • Understand the mechanics for writing a research paper
  • Write an abbreviated autobiography and a biography
  • Proofread their own writing to check mechanics and revise it
  • Take notes from an oral presentation and use the notes for a report on the presentation


  • Write decimal numbers in expanded notation using exponents
  • Perform any operation using whole numbers, including solving verbal problems involving one or more operations
  • Understand the appropriate order of operations with or without parentheses and other symbols of inclusion
  • Find perimeter, area, volume, and circumference of various shapes and space figures
  • Be able to analyze lines, angles, polygons, and circles
  • Have a good understanding of both metric and British systems of measurement
  • Use a variety of problem-solving strategies to solve non-routine problems
  • Determine when a given or observed set of data may be appropriately displayed by a bar, line, or circle graph and accurately construct the graph


  • Understand the different types and form of literature
  • Identify the major elements of a book, story, or play
  • Read orally with proper emphasis and expression
  • Understand various literary terms such as: reference, irony, stereotype, figurative language, etc.
  • Evaluate and author’s style
  • Identify turning point, climax, and anticlimax of a story and how a character changes


  • Observe and compare animal and plant cells
  • Explain diffusion and osmosis and give examples of each
  • Discuss cell division and mitosis and state what happens to chromosomes during mitosis
  • Tell how the nervous and endocrine systems control and regulate the body
  • Explain photosynthesis
  • Name the structure and functions of a flowering plant
  • List the Animal Kingdom and levels of classification

Social Studies

  • Interpret a time line
  • Recognize that the location of a country can affect that country’s economy
  • Describe several advantages of living in a city
  • Describe how religion can affect culture
  • Explain the difference between a democracy and a republic
  • Describe the role of the Executive, Judicial, and Legislative branch of the Missouri government
  • Describe how bills are passed in the State of Missouri