Dear Friends,

Of the many important decisions you’ll make in life, few are more significant than the ones that affect your children. Of all those choices, selecting a school may well prove to be the most important. Our learning programs at Salem Lutheran School begin at preschool and continue through middle school (8th grade). Our Christ-based curriculum offers a high level of academics and is accredited by the Missouri Nonpublic School Accrediting Association and the National Lutheran Schools Accrediting Assocation. We offer our students a challenging curriculum, the freedom to learn in a dynamic distraction-free environment and the encouragement of confidence to push themselves academically.

In addition to our excellent academic standards, our class sizes are much smaller than those in other schools, which allow our teachers the opportunity to build stronger relationships between the students and their parents. We treat every child as an individual with unique gifts and we teach them to welcome every challenge with strength, faith and confidence. Self-esteem and respect for others are critical attributes to a happy, successful life and our school expands upon and supports the important lessons you teach your children at home.

In our classroom and on our courts and fields, we provide the challenges that help your children develop the independence and confidence to stand alone and the ability to contribute equally well within the dynamics of a team.

Salem Lutheran School was established in 1861 and we continue to offer a high level of quality Christian education to our church members as well as all families in our community with standardized tests scores equal to or exceeding that of the public schools in our area. Upon 8th grade graduation, the majority of our students go on to enroll at Lutheran High School North, one of the most highly acclaimed and college preparatory schools in the area. In the past 12 years 9 of Lutheran North’s valedictorians have come from Salem. We invite you to take a closer look at our school with the enclosed information or through our website at Please contact us at (314) 741-8220 to find out how Salem Lutheran School can help your child build a foundation for a lifetime of learning!

Serving the Master Teacher,

Mr. Jeff Burkee