We spread Christ’s love through Christian education.


Quality Christian Education Under a Caring Christ


Built on the word of God we educate children in four areas; Spiritual, Academics, Athletics and the Arts.

Core Values

  • become the primer Christian school in the area
  • all men are sinners and need to hear and learn about the only way to heaven – Jesus Christ.
  • the “fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.”–that the faith of a child can be strengthened through instruction in the Word of God.
  • by instruction in God’s Word, a child learns to know his proper relationship to God and his fellow men.
  • the total being, mind-body-spirit, is in need of a Christian education.
  • the physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual needs of children must receive careful attention in a Christian.
  • relying on the Holy Spirit for guidance and help, our goals and objectives can be realized for each child.
  • the Word of God must permeate every area of the educational day, including the secular subjects, physical education, and the fine arts.
  • each student and staff person will grow in faith and knowledge and live lives exemplifying this Christian faith.